Why Finn Balor Attacked Seth Rollins? Know the Truth Behind Attack! 2023

Why Finn Balor Attacked Seth Rollins? Know the Truth Behind Attack! 2023


  1. Introduction
  2. Background on Finn Balor and Seth Rollins
  3. The Build-Up to the Attack
  4. Finn Balor’s Motivation
  5. Seth Rollins’ Actions
  6. The Impact of the Attack
  7. Speculations and Conspiracy Theories
  8. The Fallout and Future Implications
  9. Conclusion
  10. FAQs



On the latest episode of WWE Raw, aired on June 13, 2023, Finn Balor made a brutal and unexpected assault on Seth Rollins. This attack occurred just days before their scheduled clash for the highly coveted World Heavyweight Championship at Money in the Bank.

The question is Why Finn Balor Attacked Seth Rollins? In the world of professional wrestling, unexpected attacks and rivalries often leave fans puzzled and intrigued. One such incident that took the wrestling community by storm was when Finn Balor, a renowned athlete, decided to target Seth Rollins, causing chaos and confusion among fans.

This article aims to explore the reasons behind Finn Balor’s surprising attack on Seth Rollins and the implications it had on their respective careers.

Background on Finn Balor and Seth Rollins

Before we start the attack Why Finn Balor Attacked Seth Rollins? It’s essential to understand the backgrounds of Finn Balor and Seth Rollins. Finn Balor, also known as “The Demon King,” is an accomplished Irish professional wrestler known for his athleticism and charismatic persona. Seth Rollins, on the other hand, is a highly regarded American wrestler with an impressive track record and a reputation for being a master strategist in the ring.

There are several plausible reasons behind Balor’s assault on Rollins. Firstly, Balor might be aiming to send a clear message to Rollins that underestimating him would be a grave mistake. Despite being a prominent figure in WWE for many years, Balor has never claimed the World Heavyweight Championship. This match at Money in the Bank represents a significant opportunity for Balor, and he seems determined to demonstrate his unwavering commitment to it.

Another possibility Why Finn Balor Attacked Seth Rollins? is that Balor intends to eliminate any potential contenders for his title. Initially, Rollins was set to defend his championship against Bron Breakker at Money in the Bank. However, Balor abruptly attacked Breakker on the June 6 episode of Raw, resulting in the cancellation of their match. By targeting Rollins, Balor could be securing his position as the sole contender for the championship at Money in the Bank.

Lastly, Balor’s attack on Rollins might be fueled by unresolved anger between the two. They share a long and complex history, marked by intense feuds in the past. It is plausible that Balor still harbors resentment towards Rollins for a previous incident, and this assault could be his way of seeking revenge.

The Build-Up to the Attack

Undoubtedly, Balor’s assault on Rollins has injected a newfound intrigue into their upcoming match at Money in the Bank. Observing Rollins’ response to the attack will be captivating, as will the ultimate outcome of their clash.

The events leading up to the attack were marked by a series of confrontations and clashes between Finn Balor and Seth Rollins. It all started when Seth Rollins made derogatory remarks about Balor’s wrestling abilities during a televised interview. Balor, known for his pride and determination, took offense to Rollins’ comments and vowed to prove him wrong.

Their rivalry intensified as both wrestlers competed against each other in various matches. Each encounter was filled with intense action and fierce competition, further fueling the animosity between them. The tension reached its peak during a championship bout where Seth Rollins resorted to underhanded tactics, deliberately injuring Finn Balor to secure a victory.

Finn Balor’s Motivation

The attack on Seth Rollins was an act of retaliation from Finn Balor. Balor felt betrayed by Rollins’ actions, believing that Rollins had gone too far in his quest for victory. Balor wanted to make Rollins pay for his unethical behavior and send a message that such actions would not go unpunished.

Moreover, Finn Balor saw this as an opportunity to establish himself as a force to be reckoned with in the wrestling industry. Attacking Seth Rollins not only allowed Balor to settle his personal vendetta but also garnered significant attention from fans, media, and fellow wrestlers.

Furthermore, there are additional potential explanations for Balor’s assault on Rollins:

Balor may be aiming to communicate to the WWE Universe that he is an unpredictable and formidable adversary. Balor might be employing mind games to gain a psychological advantage leading up to the match at Money in the Bank. Balor may simply be seeking retribution against Rollins for past grievances.

Seth Rollins Actions

Seth Rollins, known for his arrogance and cunning, played a crucial role in provoking Finn Balor. His derogatory comments and willingness to resort to dirty tactics showed a lack of sportsmanship. Rollins underestimated Balor’s determination, not realizing the extent to which Balor would go to seek justice.

The attack on Seth Rollins served as a wake-up call for him. It made him realize the consequences of his actions and the impact they had on others. Rollins had to confront the fact that he had crossed a line and that his behavior had significant repercussions.

The Impact of the Attack

Finn Balor’s attack on Seth Rollins sent shockwaves through the wrestling world. Fans were left in awe of Balor’s ferocity and newfound aggression. The incident sparked intense speculation and debate among wrestling enthusiasts, with everyone eager to understand the motivations behind Balor’s actions.

Regardless Why Finn Balor Attacked Seth Rollins? Balor’s shocking and violent attack on Rollins has undoubtedly intensified the stakes for their impending match. The response from Rollins and the progression of their rivalry in the weeks preceding Money in the Bank will be captivating to witness.

The attack had a profound effect on both wrestlers’ careers. Finn Balor’s reputation skyrocketed, earning him respect as someone who would not tolerate injustice. Seth Rollins, on the other hand, faced a considerable backlash from fans and the wrestling community, leading to a decline in popularity and opportunities.

Speculations and Conspiracy Theories

In the aftermath of the attack, numerous speculations and conspiracy theories emerged. Some fans believed that there was a hidden alliance between Finn Balor and another wrestler seeking revenge on Seth Rollins. Others speculated that Rollins had deliberately provoked Balor to create a buzz around their rivalry. These theories added an air of mystery to the already intriguing story of Why Finn Balor Attacked Seth Rollins?

The Fallout and Future Implications

The attack on Seth Rollins had long-term implications for both Finn Balor and Rollins himself. Balor’s newfound aggression and intense determination propelled him to new heights in his career. He became a fan favorite and was given more significant opportunities to showcase his skills.

For Seth Rollins, the attack was a turning point. He had to rebuild his reputation and earn back the trust of the fans. Rollins embarked on a journey of redemption, seeking to rectify his past mistakes and prove that he could be a respected competitor once again.


The attack by Finn Balor on Seth Rollins was a pivotal moment in their careers and captivated the wrestling world. Balor’s retaliation against Rollins’ unethical behavior left an indelible mark, significantly impacting the trajectory of both wrestlers. It showcased the power of personal vendettas in professional wrestling and the lengths wrestlers would go to seek justice. Hope we cleared the question, Why Finn Balor Attacked Seth Rollins?

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  1. Q: Was the attack planned in advance? A: While there were rumors of premeditation, the exact details remain unknown.
  2. Q: Did the attack lead to a championship match between Balor and Rollins? A: Yes, their rivalry culminated in a high-stakes championship bout.
  3. Q: Are Balor and Rollins on good terms now? A: They have shown signs of reconciliation but maintain a competitive relationship.
  4. Q: Did the attack boost Balor’s popularity? A: Absolutely. Balor’s attack garnered significant attention and solidified his fan base.
  5. Q: Will Balor’s aggression continue in future matches? A: It’s likely that Balor’s aggression will continue as he embraces his newfound intensity.

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